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陳蕙雅思機經 - 雅思口語機經 Part2.3 (2013 10 22)


Part 2&3


Describe a family (Not your own family)

How do you know your family?

Describe the interest of the family members

Why do like you like spend time with the family?


What are the benefits for the extended family live together?

What the changes of family relationship between the people today and before in your country?

What can young people learn from their seniors?

Why do you respect your father?

In your family who makes the decisions?

Big family and small family, compare their benefits and disadvantages.

In your country, has women's social status changed in the recent years? Why?

What do you think the women's rights will change in the future?

Describe a teenager

What are the differences between teenagers and children?

How have their lives changed in the last decade?

Until what age do you think they can qualify for being adults?

Until what age should they get married?

What role does the school play in the process of students turning from teenagers to adults?

What kind of attitude is generally shared by teenagers towards adults?

Describe a person you admire

Describe a teacher you would like to meet again

Describe a successful person

Why do you think he/she is successful?

How to succeed in your life? Please draw on your personal experience

Do you send books to others as gifts?

What kind did you read when you were a child?

Is it possible to continue part-time study while working?

Describe a visitor to your family

Do Chinese people have the tradition of paying a visit to your relatives or friends on a regular basis?

What gifts do people send when visiting your friends?

Do visitors stay in the hotel or at home?

How to improve hotel service in general?

Describe a friend you meet at school

Should government provide financial assistance to the elderly people?

Describe a person who is good at his or her job

Is it the responsibility of universities to help students to find their ideal jobs?

What sort of jobs suit young adults and what sort of jobs suit elderly people?

Should an age limit be imposed on certain jobs?

Should companies have the responsibility of providing training to young people?

How is company training carried out?

Describe a famous person you would like to meet.

Describe a person you have lived before.


Describe something that you will change in your lifestyle to keep fit and healthy?

What will you change in your lifestyle?

Does your change have any benefit to you?

How is that easy or difficult for you?

Describe something that you want to achieve and be successful with

Describe a family event

How do you define happiness?

Describe a recent event that has made you happy

Do you think money is important?

Do you think money can give you happiness?

Can old people get happiness?

Describe a physical activity

What are your favorite physical activities?

Why do you like them?

What kind of sports do you usually engage yourself in?

Why do you prefer to go to the gym?

Describe a recent change in your life

Do old people like to change their lives?

Do young people like changes?

What’s your opinion towards switching jobs on a regular basis?

Describe a naughty thing you did when you were a child

Describe a conversation on the telephone that made you happy


Describe an advertisement

What is it advertised?

What contains in the advertisement?

What kind of people will interested in this advertisement?

Explain why you think this advertisement works well?

What kind of advertisement can you see in your country?

Describe sth you did with a computer

Describe a TV quiz show

Describe a TV program you dislike

Describe a book had in your childhood

Describe a new story you have heard

Describe your favorite subject in school

Describe an interesting message you have received by email or text message

Describe a news story that made you happy

Describe a softdrink that you liked when you were a child

Describe a letter that you received that made you very happy

Describe an unforgettable walk

Describe an equipment (except computer)

Describe a TV program that you dislike

Describe something that you kept with your family

Describe a book that you read when you were a child

Describe sth that you bought but you did not often use

Describe a magazine

What are the differences between magazine and newspaper and other forms of mass media such as the Internet?

Describe a piece of interesting news you read on newspaper or TV

How often do people in your country read newspaper?

Which one is a popular medium for obtaining information, radio or TV?

Do you think we should have more entertainment news in the future?

Which one is more important, local news or international news?

Describe a photograph

Do you like painting or taking photographs?

Why do some people not like taking photographs?

What sort of pictures are considered most appealing to people?

Describe a film

Describe a good law

Do you think the “one-child” policy in China is considered a good law?

Should we tell our children stories concerning robbing the rich so as to

help the poor people?

Should we comply with laws?

Describe a website you have visited that is useful to you

How did you manage to find this website?

Why do you choose to talk about this website?

What’s the range of people using Internet in your country?

What do you think about online shopping?

How would you convince an elderly person to learn to use the Internet if

he had never used it before and was resistant to modern technology?

Describe a sport that you are good at

Describe a picture

Describe a skill you want to learn

Describe a letter you have received

Describe a book you have recently read

Describe one particular regulation employed during Olympic Games

What performances have you watched and with whom?

What game have you played in your childhood?

Describe a program

Describe a useful tool

Describe the help you have received before

Why do modern people not like to help others?

How should help others?

How to cultivate our children to develop the habit of helping others?

Describe a special meal that you liked

Describe a product that you bought but you do not often use

Describe a toy that you liked when you were young

Describe a song

Describe a law that you think should be improved

Describe a vehicle that you often use

Describe an expensive thing that you bought before


Describe a place you have visited or lived

Describe a peaceful place

Describe your favorite room

Describe a place you want to travel to

Describe a place where you bought something expensive

Describe a place you have studied or worked

When and where did you work?

How do you think about the workplace?

How do you plan your work?

What do you want to do in the future?

Do you think women should stay at home as a full-time housewife or go out to look for jobs?

Why do you like the university you have studied in?

What’s your plan after graduation?

Are there any beautiful views in your university?

Is it necessary for university to purchase teaching equipment?

Describe a place you can listen to music

Describe a shop that you like to visit

Why do some people not like to go shopping?

What are the differences between big shops and small shops?

Apart from shops, is there any other ways that people can buy things?

What are some of the problems in cities?

What are some of the environmental problems caused in cities?

Describe a place you would like to introduce to your friends

Describe a city you like

Describe a polluted city

Describe a garden you like

Do you think garden is important?

Should people in the city know much about the country life?

Describe the school you have been to when you were a child

Do you like modern structure or historical structure

Do you think the government should protect the historical structures

Do you think historical places should be saved by your country

Describe a peaceful place

Describe a hotel in your hometown

Describe an historical building


Describe an interesting animal

Are you a vegetarian?

Should animals be kept in cities or countryside?

What are some of the problems related to raising pets?